You can help students by facilitating one-on-one meetings between students and professionals. 

Fill out this form to volunteer to be a Boombox Facilitator.

  1. Facilitators are needed to attend meetings with students younger than 18.  Since they communicate directly with students, they are crucial to providing effective career counselling to each student. 

  2. Boombox Facilitators need to be background checked.  There is no cost and you can do the entire process on your computer.  You just need to input your name, DoB, current address, phone # and SS#.  We will send you instructions. 

  3. Boombox will notify you when your background check has cleared (usually in 1-3 weeks). 

  4. We will contact you when there is a meeting to be facilitated in your area and will send you a short bio of the student, of the Speaker who will be at the meeting, and of the Connector who made the connection. 

  5. The meeting will be scheduled to match your availability.

  6. Attend the meeting between the Speaker and the student.  The student will set the agenda and ask all the questions.  Your role is to observe and listen.

  7. Provide feedback on the meeting to the Connector and the Speaker, and collaborate with them to decide next steps for the student.  

Here are other ways you can help students: