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Lack of connections prevents many disadvantaged students from getting ahead

An introduction can be life changing. 

Access to the “right” social capital is as important as a good education for upwards social mobility and economic security. Students from families with low socio-economic status don’t have access to the personal and professional networks that affluent students take for granted.

Your list of personal contacts is a treasure. 


Put it to good use!

Most of us underestimate the extent of our network.  It is not limited to colleagues and professional associates.  It includes family, friends, neighbors, casual acquaintances -- and the people they know.  A single network can reach into dozens of industries.  Yes, it really is just six degrees of separation—even less.  Boombox provides a compelling reason to maintain contact with connections and to begin new conversations.

Boombox maximizes the value of your network by deploying your connections to improve the lives of young students. 

Few can make the single big monetary gift that makes the difference.  But we all have connections that can make the big difference in a young person’s life.


Alexander Barker


Alex’s interest in education started in the mid-1990’s when he helped develop Washington DC’s first public charter school.  He went on to a career in architecture for more than a decade, managing and designing large scale projects before returning to education and getting a graduate degree in educational technology from Stanford University. 


While caring for his aging grandmother, Alex had spent a lot of time within a community of older Americans, and realized they were an underutilized resource that could be deployed to help younger generations.   His graduate work and degree project at Stanford was the foundation for Boombox.

Gee Kin Chou


After a successful career in business, Gee Kin has focused his energies on public K-12 education since the early 2000's, and has seen public school systems from almost every angle; he consulted to some of the largest school districts in the country, served as Chief Technology Officer of the Oakland Unified School District, and currently advises several educational companies.    


Born in China to parents neither of whom received any formal education, Gee Kin understands the immigrant experience and the bewildering maze of challenges they face within a country full of opportunity.   


Gee Kin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. 


Gee Kin Chou 2020 Gen2Gen innovation fellow.jfif

Watch an inspiring 3 minute video of Gee Kin telling Boombox stories at the 2021 Gen2Gen Innovation Summit!

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