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Hillary, Long Beach, CA

"Boom Box has been an incredible source of support for me during a period when I felt incapable of making progress. Meeting Gee Kin at precisely the right moment felt like a divine intervention. I am genuinely grateful for his invaluable assistance in connecting me with experienced professionals and serving as a mentor throughout my interactions with various speakers. His guidance has empowered me to ask questions and take control of meetings, even when I initially lacked the confidence to do so. As a student, reaching out to people can be daunting, but Gee Kin not only arranged meetings with professionals but also helped me improve my interpersonal skills and expand my network on a global scale. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Gee Kin for his unwavering support. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me."



Renzel, Hercules CA

"The Boombox Collaboratory has provided me with the instruments that were necessary for me to figure out what I wanted to pursue academically and personally. With the meetings I've had with the diverse community that the program provides, I was able to learn about different professions I was interested in. Overall, I'm so glad to be part of this program!"


Ella, Oakland, CA

"Boombox is doing great work by providing support to individuals looking to start their careers.  The experiences and knowledge I have gained from my interactions with Mr. King are truly invaluable.  His expertise and guidance have helped me learn so much and have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth."



Avana, San Francisco CA

"Boombox has provided me with not only helping me grow professionally through awakening me of my path towards success since I first joined the program when I was 16, but also has given me clarity into valuing myself & my life as a person and standing firmly and assertively in that truth."


Humberto, Berkeley, CA

"Boombox has allowed me to acquire knowledge from industry professionals and put me on the right path for success. This is an excellent opportunity to network with professionals and is appropriate for all people, from people exploring the industry to professionals seeking advice from other peers."


Angel, Berkeley, CA

"Boombox is an amazing organization that provided me with mentors who were inspirational to me and I am so thankful to be a part of this program!"


Megan, Richmond, CA

"I've been in this program for two years now, and I am so grateful that this program can connect me with people currently in the career fields I am interested in, all at a low cost (it's free, how awesome is that). I was able to connect with not one but two of my interested professions (a Plastic Surgeon & a Neuropsychologist). Gee Kin has been incredibly helpful in sending me a list of potential questions I could ask and was present during interviews, which made the process a whole lot easier. I think if it weren't for Boombox, it would have taken me lifetimes to find these people, let alone get meetings with them because they live such busy lives. I'm honored to be in this program, and the networks I've gotten from this couldn't have come at a better time. Thank You, Gee Kin Chou!"



Jimmy, Hayward, CA


"Boombox is an amazing organization and I’m proud to say I’m a part of it. Boombox provides incredible opportunities and helps to creates connections that last and will put you in the position to succeed. Boombox is an amazing resource and I would recommend everyone join, especially to anyone who is unsure about what career they wish to pursue or just looking to gain for information and connections in their desired career. Gee Kin is an amazing person, very attentive, professional, kind, and dedicated. I give Boombox 2 thumbs up and 5 stars."



Sunny, San Leandro, CA


"Boombox has helped me explore the different possibilities in an area of interest I've had ever since elementary school. With the help of Boombox, I was able to narrow down what I want to do in my future."



Ava, San Francisco, CA


"My experience so far with Boombox has been amazing. I’ve already learned so much so far and met really interesting and goal driven people. Not only have I gained more connections but more skills too. I’m looking forward with meeting more and different people."


Naycet, Oakland, CA


"Boombox has been a great experience for me. I have been a part of Boombox for some time now and all the people that I was able to interview gave me a new look into my career choice. When Covid-19 started, Gee Kin was still able to pair me up with professionals in the field that I was interested in. This of course was through zoom but I was still able to learn and ask so many questions from all the different people in different career fields. Even though I am in college already, Boombox is still helping me look into different careers that I find interesting."


Asya, Richmond, CA


"Boombox gave me a great opportunity to explore the careers I was interested in. I was having a difficult time trying to decide which pathway I should take after undergrad, but Boombox helped me navigate through career paths by having the informational interviews!"



Arnold, Richmond, CA


"I have had the pleasure of working with Gee Kin over the past couple of years through Boombox. During our time together, he has been particulalry great at making insightful suggestions and has been kind, courteous, attentive, resourceful, and overall a great person to check in with. Through these conversations, he has sought out professionals with similar career interests for me to connect with. These have been both valuable career planning and networking opportunities that have expanded my thinking. Overall, I am grateful for both the opportunities and relationships I have built through Gee Kin and Boombox, and for their dedication to support people like me. Thank you!"

Winnie, Oakland, CA


"Through The Boombox Collaboratory, I was given the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals in my fields of interest. Our conversations broadened my views of their careers and helped me decide which path may be right for me."

Erika, Richmond, CA


"Boombox is an extraordinary platform that can tremendously help students who are unsure of what career path to chose. You can connect with professionals in all types of specialities and discuss their job to really good idea of what that career entails. It has helped me with many doubts about a specific career and I've made great connections as well." 

Hugo, Richmond, CA


"Boombox is amazing.  At first I wasn’t sure about what career I wanted. I chose software engineering but we can all say we want to peruse a career but we don’t keep in mind the lifestyle, environment, or requirements of the field. That’s where Boombox really helped me. They got me interviews with software engineers and people closely related to software engineering.  I got to interview these amazing people and got an insight into their lifestyle and work. And let me say Boombox has helped me narrow down my options of careers that fit my lifestyle and interest. And I am still going to be interviewing people thanks to Boombox, to keep exploring different fields to help me make sure I choose a career that I will be happy about for the next 50 years. I want to wake up every day for the rest of my life and be happy with the career I chose. Boombox is amazing it’s free and it’s honestly a life changer as we don’t always get an opportunity to interview software engineers but Boombox makes it possible."



Virginia, Oakland, CA


"My experience at Boombox has been amazing! I have been with them for the past 2 years and I never thought I would’ve have met so many amazing mentors throughout my time here. Gee Kin is such a great organizer. He sets you up with the best mentors that fits what you’re looking for. Not only do you meet amazing mentors, but you can also build strong relationships with them and this can possibly help you with your future career. If it wasn’t for Boombox I wouldn’t have met so many great people and be surrounded by mentors who actually care about sharing valuable information." 












Alex, Oakland, CA


"My experience with Boombox has been amazing thus far; they have helped me with a list of my interests for future careers and helped conduct interviews with those who are specialized in the careers I've selected. I've met multiple people that are amazing and talented, thus providing me with a clearer view of what my future holds if I selected one of the career choices. This program is perfect for anyone who is not sure what their future holds, boombox makes sure to find the right path for you." 

Demetrio, Richmond, CA


"My Boombox Experience has been eye-opening. Joining this program has solidified to me we are not alone in this world. Through Gee Kin, I have been able to meet with his colleagues of many walks of life, giving me the opportunity to see what's out there, and through this experience, I have been able to narrow down a career path I'd like to pursue." 

Erika, Oakland, CA


"My experience on Boombox was amazing. It’s a great way to start with Boombox because you're able to talk to professionals based on what you're interested in doing." 

Chaw, Stockton, CA


"I would encourage students to connect with Boombox.  I found it very helpful and supportive. It can change things for the better and help you make very important decisions."

Marlon, San Francisco,, CA

“Boombox helped me discover if a career choice is right for me by providing me direct contact with those within the industry. This allowed me to gain more information to help shape my ideas for the future."

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