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Student biography

Kaylee Wah_edited.jpg


Kipp King Collegiate High School

San Lorenzo, CA

Hello, I'm Kaylee Wah, currently a high school student at Kipp King Collegiate. In my free time, I love exploring new places, spending quality time with my dog, immersing myself in various music genres, and reading different books.


My passion lies in English and science, as they allow me to both express my creativity and satisfy my curiosity about everything around us. I am currently a part of the Wellness Club at my high school, who teaches hands-on lifesaving techniques and different diseases as well as a roller skating club that funds activities to allow all students to participate in roller skating.


To describe myself, I'd say I'm an ambivert—someone who enjoys both social interactions and quiet moments of reflection as well as being easygoing and open-minded, always eager to learn from different perspectives and experiences.


I am focused on pursuing a career in the medical field as I've been inspired by my siblings who are nurses. From this opportunity, I hope to deepen my understanding of the medical field and explore the different pathways/processes to pursue healthcare.

Career interests




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