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Student biography


Contra Costa College

San Pablo, CA

Megan Sanchez.JPG

I have limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. I was diagnosed at 8 years old. Growing up was difficult as I began to lose muscle and couldn't do things I used to. Going up the stairs became difficult, I couldn't physically run, and I started needing assistance if I fell. I never told any of my peers besides close friends about my disability. Because of this I had to face bullying because my peers thought I got out of doing P.E by "special treatment". I would rather face hate than pity, and this helped me see people's true colors. I would rather see true genuine emotions than someone being fake. In college it's way different than high/middle school. I still do get anxiety around campus, but I feel liberated in a way.

Career interests
  1. Plastic Surgeon

  2. Psychologist

  3. Psychiatrist

  4. Financial Advisor

  5. Real Estate Agent

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