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You can help students by meeting with them one-on-one to provide an introduction to your profession. 

Fill out this  form to volunteer as a Boombox Speaker.  

 What to expect:


  1. After you have been approved, Boombox will notify you when there is a student who would like to speak with you, and will schedule the meeting to match your availability.  The best place for the meeting is at your workplace.

  2. You attend the meeting with the student.  We tell the students it is their meeting. The student will set the agenda and ask all the questions.  Your role is to answer the student’s questions.   

  3. If the student indicates after the meeting that they would like to go deeper, your Connector will ask you how you might help the student further.  This may include opportunities for job-shadowing, introductions to other professionals in this field and/or hosting formal or informal internships. Your continuing involvement is completely up to you.

(Becoming a Boombox Speaker automatically adds you to The Boombox Network.)


Note:  On the application form, you will be given the option to be background checked.  This is recommended but not mandatory. We usually do not run background checks on Speakers for the first meeting with the student.  But background clearance makes followup actions with students younger than 18 easier.  There is no cost and you can do the entire process on your computer. We will provide instructions. You will just have to provide full name, dob, current address, phone # and SS#. 

Here are other ways you can help students:  

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