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Fill out this form to volunteer to be a Boombox Connector. 


Connectors act as career counselor and connector.  You will help broaden the student's career horizon and mine your network for good people for them to meet.    

What to expect:


  1. Once we receive your application, we will send you instructions on how to get background checked. There is no cost and you can do the entire process on your computer. You will just have to provide full name, dob, current address, phone # and SS#. 

  2. After your background check has cleared, Boombox will provide you a short bio of 1 or 2 students, including a list of the careers they want to explore.

  3. You survey your network for a Speaker in one of the listed careers. You may have to send out some cold emails on behalf of the student if you cannot find anyone in your own network with the desired background.

  4. Once a Speaker has been confirmed, you schedule the meeting to match the availability of all the participants (including you).

  5. You speak with the student after each meeting to ascertain the most appropriate next step.  Each student is different.  For some students, several of these quick but personalized peeks into selected industries are all they need to help them refine their plans for study and career.  Other students may need more guidance.  You help them think through their options. 

  6. If a student indicates they would like to delve deeper into a particular career, you ask the Speaker how they might help the student further.  This may include introductions to other professionals in this field, providing opportunities for job-shadowing, and hosting formal or informal internships. 

(Becoming a Boombox Connector automatically adds you to The Boombox Network.)

Not sure about making the commitment to be a Connector right now? Here are quick ways you can help students:

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