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Fill out this form to volunteer to be a Boombox Connector. 


Connectors act as career counselor and connector.  You will help broaden the student's career horizon and mine your network for good people for them to meet. 

What to expect:

 1.    Get background checked  

There  is no cost and you can do the entire process on your computer. You will just have to provide your full name, dob, current address, phone # and SS#.

 2.    Receive Boombox Connector Handbook

Provides detailed step-by-step instructions and useful tips

 3.    Receive student bio including career shortlist

 4.    Call the student to understand their career aspirations

 5.    Find a Speaker in their most desired field

The Boombox network can supplement your own resources    

 6.    Schedule a 3-way (you-student-speaker) online meeting

 7.    Attend the meeting

 8.    Speak with the student afterwards to determine next steps

A.  We’re done for now!


B.  Meet someone in another field


C.  Delve deeper into this field:

a)  Meet other professionals in this field

b)  Visit workplace

c)  Job shadow

d)  Internship

 9.    Help make the next steps happen

10.   Keep working with the student until they don’t need you

(Becoming a Boombox Connector automatically adds you to The Boombox Network.)

Not sure about making the commitment to be a Connector right now? Here are quick ways you can help students:

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